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Sometimes I catch myself
Thinking, "When I phone,
I can talk of this or that!"
Then remember, I'm alone.

She was always there
To answer my calls -
To listen to my "small talk"
Or when I climbed the walls.

At times, I didn't feel like talking
And somehow, she understood -
Didn't say she wished I'd call
Or make me feel like I should.

Now, I wish I would have
More times, to show I cared -
To say, just how important
Were, all those times we shared.

I could have shown my love
So much more than I did -
I never, did it enough
Even when I was a kid.

Now it's too late to do or say
All those things I wish I had -
No way to ease the pain inside
When my heart is sad.

She was my "anchor" to this life -
The "rock", that I clung to -
The place, where I could turn
When, nowhere else would do.
Now, the ravages of time
Have worn my "rock" away -
And all I have to cling to
Are memories of yesterday.

Sometimes Mom in passing
Would pat you on the back
And sometimes in passing
She'd show you the right track.

Sometimes Mom in passing
Would say, "You sure look nice!"
And sometimes in passing
She could, make you, think twice.

Sometimes Mom in passing
Would lightly touch your hair
And sometimes in passing
She'd show you what was fair.

Sometimes Mom in passing
Would ask, "What do you mean?"
And sometimes in passing
She would get in between.

Sometimes Mom in passing
Would give you, "that look"
And sometimes in passing
Would give you what it took.

But this time, Mom is passing
From this world to the best
And this time in passing
She'll pass the final test.

And when Mom has passed
And the pain is so unkind
Just look and you'll find her
There in your heart and mind.

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Her Daughter Faye Phillips
The Beautiful and Most Talented Pattie

Tributes and Condolences
The day I dreaded all of my life   / Bennietta Cox (daughter)
October 20, 2007, I am so glad it came so late, it could have been later.  At least to see some of your great grandchildren from my kids.
Who knows, I may not live that long either??? 

I have only been in your house a coupl...  Continue >>
How I feel   / Bennietta Cox (daughter)
In tears I saw you sinking,
I watched you fade away.
You suffered much in silence,
you fought so hard to stay.
You faced your task with courage.
Your spirit did not bend,
and still you kept on fighting until the very end...  Continue >>
Sorry for your loss   / Lea Ann Palmer (Job's Daughter )
My deepest sympathies for your loss.  Haven't seen you all for quite some time, but I do remember your mom's smile.  I hope the thoughts and prayers of those who knew her are some comfort to you.  God Bless.
Peace  / Amanda Johnson (Bennietta's friend )
Bennietta, the cemetery is beautiful. Your Mom picked a lovely sanctuary. I'm glad the services went well. God Bless.
A Lovely Women.   / Joan. Taylor. (None.)
Hello To  Bennita.
You've made a Lovely website for Helen, i hope you will add more to this lovely website in time to come.
She is watching over you, and is waiting for the day when God call's your name and you will then join Helen in ...  Continue >>
Missing Mama Poem  / Bennietta Cox (kid)    Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Jill Bradshaw (Friend of Family )    Read >>
our angels  / Sherry Williams (friend of Benitta's )    Read >>
your mom  / Vickie Snyder (friend)    Read >>
how blessed you were to have a loving mom  / Patty Bluemel (friend of daughter bennetta )    Read >>
So sorry for your loss  / Lori Peterson (friend of Ben's )    Read >>
Friend, neighbor, ceramics teacher, Job's Daughters, and sister.......  / Beverly Barron     Read >>
sorry for your loss  / GREGORY Breidenbach (friend of bennies )    Read >>
Thoughts and Prayers  / Karen Martell (friend of Bennietta )    Read >>
So sorry for your loss  / Roni Heinze (friend of Bennie )    Read >>
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Her legacy
To the best of my knowledge  
Born in Sheldon, Missouri on June 9, 1933.

Married Boyd Jones in 1948.

Brenda was born in 1949.

Hooked up with Bennie Calhoun in 1951.

Tom was born in 1952.

Faye was born in 1953.

Still hooked up with Bennie, Bennietta was born in 1960.

Bennie hauled ass and went back to his wife whom he was married to the whole time he had these three kids.

1962 moved to Nevada, Missouri, worked for Nellie Don Clothes Factory.

1965 moved to Esterly in Kansas City and worked in a clothes factory for a short time then worked in a bar called King Arthurs.

1966 moved to Prarie Village Kansas and married Fred Aichele in 1967.

1971 moved to 1st house on Fairwood in Hickman Mills Missouri.

1977 moved to 2nd house on Fairwood in Hickman Mills Missouri.

1988 moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

2000 had open heart surgery and her health deteriorated rapidly after
this surgery.

2003 was admitted to Hilton Head Hospital seeking rehab to help with walking.  Was release to the Cypress to continue rehad where she was left alone and fell and I believe she had a stroke there.

2004 went home and sat in a chair in the dining room for about a year before suffering another stroke which left her totally incapicatated.   She could only get from the chair in the dining room to the bathroom with help.  She was left alone during the day while we worked which totally haunted me!!!

2005, Thanksgiving Day would not go to the hospital until after her turkey dinner which she didn't eat any of.  I cooked everything, hauled it over to her house and asked her, can we take you to the hospital now??  And she finally agreed.  She would not let us call an ambulance, we loaded her in the back of Stan's van and took her to the hospital.  She was rescusitated three times in in ICU and remained in there for about two weeks.
They called me at work and told me to come in, they were releasing her and I was so upset, we didn't have anywhere to put her, so they turned us over to hospice so she could come home for her final days.
We learned all about a hoyer lift and caring for someone who was totally bedridden.  We went through a bunch of nightmare nurses through this time.  You wouldn't even believe some of the crazy things they did.  One of them stole her drugs and money and left her alone while she shopped.
Hospice quit after about 6 months and we were assigned a home health care worker who showed up about once a week and did pretty much nothing??

2006, Mom decided she was going to Coastal Carolina for some Rehab.  She sat in the wheelchair for about 6 hours waiting on the bus to show up, which it never did, I'll never forget how determined she was that day, it was so sad, so once again, we loaded her in the back of my van this time and hauled her to the hospital in Hardeeville where she stayed about 3 months and accomplished nothing.  From there she went to Life Care Center which was a total nightmare.  What a bunch of wackos there, a couple of them were good, but she was miserable.
I went by everyday to check on her and take her a midday snack and take her outside.  Sometimes I went in and she didn't see me because the nurses were in there, but I was just making sure she wasn't left there alone and someone was taking care of her. 

In September she was released from there and came home again, we found an awesome nurse that took care of her from that time until the day she died.  I'll be forever grateful to Norma for taking such good care of my mom.  I know it wasn't an easy task.
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Fred & Helen at Fred's Installation.
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